Church environments are unique!

Risk Management Made EZI

RiskEZI is a cloud based risk management, event assessment and incident documentation tool designed to protect your guests, volunteers, leaders and staff.

Fully customisable to your Church or Group.

RiskEZI will become a well-used, valuable database and record keeping resource for your ministry team.


Dashboard: At a glance understand your team's future event plan and access extra RiskEZI features.

Events: Create event run sheets with integrated risk assessments and track feedback from your team as well as document your pre and post event review processes.

Risk Assessments: Create a library of unique risk assessments for activities or equipment, and have your team learn from each other.

Incidents: Document and report in real time incidents or accidents that occur on your site and track the investigation process.

Document Library: A valuable database and record keeping resource to your ministry.

Risk Matrix: An essential training tool to ensure your team are all on the same page with the language of risk management.

Built in Help Functions: Will remind you how to use the system or teach your team a new set of skills.

We understand what you need and the potential risks!

1. The need for high level, transparent risk management
2. The nature of staff and volunteers who run events
3. The need to streamline staff management systems

will streamline easily into your existing processes.

If you are new to Church Leadership or Youth Ministry, RiskEZI gives you a comprehensive starting point.‚Äč
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